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The Kirk/Spock AU Rec List

Your database to Kirk/Spock AU fics by role and verse

The Epic Kirk/Spock AU List
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A rec list of Kirk/Spock AU fics sorted by character role and verse.. Fics added by users
This community is now located on Livejournal.com and Dreamwidth.org (kirkspock_au_fic_list). If you are not a member of LJ, you can make an account here. If you are not a member of DW, you can get an invite code here to make an account.
Welcome to the Kirk/Spock AU Rec List. Instead of searching through complicated bookmarking sites for your favorite roles and verses, you can find them here. We have reporters, vampires, bartenders, authors, librarians and so much more.

Users suggest the links and they get added.

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